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Telecommunication aluminium masts

Retis is one of a Europe leader in manufacturing aluminium masts. Mast have a have a narrow base structure and are available in models:

Aluminium telecom radio antenna mast

Telecommunication masts made of aluminum are produced in several models. Each construction af telecom antenna mast is equipped with a set of elements enabling the installation of devices used in telecommunications. Masts can be additionally reinforced to accommodate additional equipment. The selection of the mast depends on the needs as well as the destination and installation place. We offer a wide selection of masts of various heights. We offer comprehensive solutions, we manufacture according to requirements and deliver masts all over the world.

What is the telecom mast or telecommunication tower?

A telecommunications tower is built to hold the necessary communications equipment, such as cellular telephony, the Internet, radio waves, and more. The towers are installed by telecommunications companies or the space on them is rented or leased by the mast owners. Companies often enter into agreements by communication and jointly invest in masts.

What are the towers made of?

Telecommunication towers are made of steel or aluminium. In our offer you will find most towers made of aluminium, these material has high durability, we build masts up to 30 meters hight. 

What's the difference betwen mast and tower?

Difference of mast in tower are in the construction. All mast has additional support on the sides at the bottom of the structure. A simple difference is to be noted in the technical illustrations below.



How communication mast works?

The task of the telecommunications mast is to provide a stable support for all telecommunications devices. The mast is to be reliable, stable, light and durable at the same time. It is equipped with all accessories necessary for the installation of telecommunications antennas, transmitters, radios and devices.

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