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Mast and towers

Retis constructions is Polish manufacturer specialized in bespoke construction from stainless steel and aluminium. We are distinguished by knowledge, experience and production flexibility. We produce telecom mast and towers, measurements mast, ballistic, forest ant watch towers, also customized construction.

Passionate and experienced in developmnet-oriented projects

Retis construction is located in Central UE Poland. From 2009 we manufacture steel and aluminium constructions for customers all over the world. We offer complex project management, including product development tailored to needs. Our strongest point is our modern machinery and experienced engineers beloved in construction challenges.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and building aluminium structures – lightweight, strong, stable, non-corrosive and weather-resistant, ideal for use as: aerial structures, measuring instruments, wind turbines, advertising structures, lighting and lightning protection

Telecommunication Mast and Tower
Watch Tower
Watchtower designed to observe forest life and landscapes

The bustling forests can now be watched from afar for animals and nature. Admire nature from above and soak up its harmony from the safer platform.

Watchtower design to protect borders and regions

For the security of the guards, we have designed a strong watchtower to protect the country, borders and security areas. Watchtower againts vioelnce. 

Ballistic Towers for boraders
Tower measurement stations

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Project studio

Our design office is full of creative designers who create every day new solutions under customers’ needs. We perform professional calculations of steel or aluminium constructions, check the statics, design products for the needs of the environment and create production lines step by step.

Laboratory office

The key department of our company is our laboratory test. Work there our strength, endurance and quality testers. In this department, each of our products is assembled and must undergo restrictive inspection procedures before it is shipped. We load on truck only tested towers and masts.

Welding center

Our welders are best professionals from Poland. They are, in a way, the kitchen of our company, where miracles happen. They are enthusiasts who create from matter, welders, engineers, and metal workers who constitute the greatest value of our company. They operate under ISO, CE marked.

Composite management

All departments of our company are supervised by wise comprehensive project management. You can count on us if you need assembly, disassembly, electricity and lighting installations. We love working in the clouds at height. We help arrange procedures and all needed documentation.

What's up in Retis?

Mast and towers manufacturer

Retis is a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminium mast and towers construction. Production plant is located in Central Europe, EU, Poland. Producer is well know of high end solution in constructions bespoke to customers needs. Retis manufacture telecommunication mast and towers such as: aluminium mast, aluminium towers, steel mast and steel towers, Retis also produce measurement mast  of steel and aluminium, forest watch towers, ballistic towers and others construction of steel and aluminium. Every towers and mast is produce based on customers demand.

Telecommunication masts and towers

We supply telecommunication mast and towers worldwide. At first stage of production our design department prepares a detailed plan and performs all necessary static and atmospheric measurements based on the need to assemble telecommunications equipment and the target environment. Before installation at the final investment site, it is assembled at the production plant and tested. Each element of the tower and mast is carefully selected to ensure its longevity. Additional elements can be mounted on each mast and telecommunications tower, enabling the installation of more devices.

Measurement mast

The meteorological tower is a free-standing structure on which devices for measuring weather and atmospheric conditions are mounted. We offer steel or aluminum towers of various heights and elements of equipment. The selection of the mast depends on the application and the environmental conditions where it will be installed, as well as the type and number of devices to be installed for measuring weather conditions. Instalation mast is conducted by specialists in working at height. Masts deliver wind mast data and are very often placed in order to examine the parameters of wind turbine construction.

Best sites

Working with passionate and expercienced engineers

Best quality under every level control

Wise project managment

Time and cost effective



PN-EN 1090-2 EXC3


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Visual testing VT1, VT2 of welded products


Penetrant testing of welded products: PT1 and PT2

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